Self-Care Stocking Stuffers For Mom

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With only about two weeks until Christmas, I wanted to share a few ideas for some great self-care stocking stuffers for mom. These are small, inexpensive items you can give Mom (or that Mom can ask for!) that will allow her to have some relaxation and rejuvenation.

Of course, we all know that self-care is much more than just pampering yourself. But after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, a little pampering is just what Mom deserves, don’t you think?

Most of these items can be found at CVS Pharmacies, too. Also, just so we’re on the same page, CVS did provide me with free samples of any product mentioned by specific name, but all the opinions shared here are my own.

Nature’s Truth Good Nite Calming Essential Oil Spray ($7)

This little spray bottle is filled with liquid gold. Fragrant with lavender and a few other soothing scents, it’s perfect sprayed on a pillow or the entire bed to promote a good night’s sleep. Unlike sleeping pills, this spray will help you fall asleep easily, but still allows you to easily wake up if you’ve got little ones who need you.

It’s also helpful when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. Non-addictive, and just a spray on the pillow, sheets or body, you can use it any time.

Why not use it for a nap, too?

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CVS Health Shower Vapor Tablets, Lavender Scented ($5)

There might be nothing more relaxing than a hot bubble bath, but sometimes you just don’t have the time for that. When all you have time for is a quick shower, but you want to treat yourself somehow, what do you do?

Drop one of these tablets into the bottom of your shower and turn your morning or evening shower into an at-home spa experience.

The fragrance fills the space and really calms you down. Combine this tablet with a shower meditation, and you’ll step out of your shower feeling relaxed and better than ever.

Nature’s Truth Essential Oil Blend Roller Bottles ($7)

CVS sent me a sample of their Calming Blend, but they have several other blends, including Energy, Focus, and more. These roller bottles allow you to quickly roll on a blend of essential oils that will calm you, help you focus, breathe better, and other benefits. At less than $8 per bottle, this is a great stocking stuffer that will help Mom accomplish anything.

I liked the citrusy scent of the Calming Blend, and I did find that when I was feeling a little tense or irritated, it did help. I also felt that the mere act of rolling it over my skin was a bit soothing.

Photo Credit: Wendy Miller

Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Aromatherapy Bubble Bath ($10)

You’re probably noticing the pattern with lavender here. Lavender is very soothing and relaxing, which is very helpful in self-care.

This bubble bath is no exception. Poured directly into the running faucet’s spray, it provides a rich layer of bubbles filled with fragrance. As mom soaks her tired body in the hot water and inhales the lovely lavender scent, she’ll immediately begin to feel better and ready to handle life again.

Coconut & Pineapple Hydrating Cream Facial Mask ($2)

I can’t speak for all moms, but personally, I love a good facial mask. Aside from doing great things for my skin, the aromas often relax me, and it’s a great opportunity to sit quietly or even meditate.

This Coconut & Pineapple mask is as hydrating as it claims to be. The scent of coconut was vivid, yet not overpowering. There wasn’t much of a pineapple scent, but that didn’t bother me -the coconut scent made me feel like I was relaxing on a beach. A few minutes on the skin and I felt like my skin was smoother, clearer, and softer than it was before I used it. I followed up with my usual skin moisturizer and felt relaxed, moisturized, and just plain good.

Photo Credit: Wendy Miller

Herban Essentials Lavender Essential Oil Towelettes ($8)

I don’t know about you, but when I am out and about, I sometimes find myself in some pretty gross places. Places where no matter how hard I scrub with soap and water, I just don’t feel like my hands are clean.

Other times, as a mom, I find myself in places that are loud, busy, or otherwise stressful. In either situation, these wipes are perfect. Made with lavender essential oil, they have a wonderfully calming fragrance, perfect for wiping over your face, neck, or arms to ease a headache or tension. They’re also great for giving yourself a quick wipe down if you feel like you’re just not clean enough after a public restroom visit or particularly sticky table.

Photo Credit: Wendy Miller

They come individually wrapped, so they’re ideal to throw in a purse, wallet, or pocket and go. They’ve got a super short list of ingredients, so you even feel safe using them on little hands and faces.

Other ideas

Depending on the kind of mom she is, there are some other cute ideas for stocking stuffers.

One of my favorites is an assortment of nail polish colors with some polish remover, cotton balls, and toe separators for home mani-pedis.

A gift card for a massage, or a promise that you’ll give one, is also a great gift for a busy mom. If you’re thinking that creating coupons to promise services in the future is cheesy, think again. A massage, a homecooked meal, a promise to run all my errands or do some chores I hate (like laundry or cleaning the bathroom) – any of those would be a hit with a mom.

A bottle of perfume, so she can spritz on a nice scent before tackling her day, is also a sweet stocking stuffer.

Self-Care in a stocking

Stick a few of these in Mom’s stocking, and you’ve just given her an at-home spa day for a very inexpensive price tag. These are great from younger kids who can’t afford to spend a lot, or for that mom who enjoys the spa experience without actually going to the spa.

Photo Credit: guvo59 on Pixabay

You could also buy everything listed, package it up in a pretty basket with a soft towel, an eye mask, some soft spa music or Mom’s favorite movie, some warm and cozy socks and some fragrant lotion for a stunning gift under the tree.

Self-care is important year-round, but I promise you, after everything that goes with the holidays, Mom will really appreciate the tools to relax and take care of herself.

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