It’s Time For a Change

As kids like to do, my son shared his cold with me last week. It only took me down for a couple of days, but they were a rough couple of days. On the worst day of it, I realized I hadn’t scheduled the blog post for the week. I also realized that I hadn’t reshared any of them to Medium in a while. I began to panic.

I also started worrying because I wasn’t continuing the house hunting my significant other and I have been doing for…well, it feels like forever right now. And I worried because I have a son who is getting a job soon and will need me to take him to and from work, at least for a while – and I have to take him to and from work while still getting my own work done. And if I get sick, I’ll still have to do it.

All of this panic and worry led to a final result: I realized that something has to give.

A behind the scenes peek at my life

My significant other and I have been looking for a place to live for a long time now. We have three kids, two teen boys and a little girl. Ideally, we want 4 bedrooms, and we know the area we want to live in – unfortunately, it’s an area that doesn’t have a lot that fits our current criteria. So we’re having to re-evaluate and figure out what to do.

There have also been some custody issues that have needed attention and caused more than a little stress.

Health issues keep cropping up randomly for one or more of us.

He’s looking for another job. In addition to being a meditation teacher, I also have a virtual assistant business with several clients and growing. At the moment, the VA business is what provides income for my family.

I also homeschool the two teens.

All of this adds up to a lot of stress, a lot of mental exertion, and a lot of to-do list items that never seem to get done.

There’s so much I want to do here

There is so much that I want to do in this space. I want to work with meditation students. I want to create and record meditations. I want to create workbooks and journals that will help busy moms fit meditation into their schedule and find deep benefits in stress reduction, relationship improvement, and dealing with their emotions – and so much more. I want to create courses that will go deeper into all of those things too.

But the reality is, I can’t do all of it. Not right now. In time, I can. But right now, I have to narrow my focus so that I can spend more time on my family and our needs, and the work that helps support my family.

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What I will and won’t be doing

For the time being, I’m taking a little step back. I’m not taking on any new meditation students at the moment. I won’t be creating or selling any workbooks, journals or courses. I’m also not going to be updating the website for a while – it will remain as a placeholder of sorts, allowing me to come back when I’m ready.

Here’s what I will be doing:

  • I will be posting all new articles to Medium. These articles will be posted once, possibly twice, per week, depending on my schedule. Anything you’ve come to this site to read, you’ll now go to Medium to read (though anything that’s currently here will remain.) This decision is two-fold: I have a higher viewership there right now, and Medium is set up so I can add photos directly from the publishing page rather than hunting them down myself, saving me time.
  • I’ll be creating and recording meditations that will be published on Insight Timer, a meditation app. Eventually, I’ll be packaging these meditations to sell in some way, but for now, they’ll be on the app where you can listen to them any time you choose (and feel free to make a donation if you enjoy them!).
  • I’ll be keeping my social media presence. I don’t know how much or how often I’ll post, but I’m hoping for at least one daily post.

I’m excited to see what happens next

Despite the fact that I’m putting a lot on hold here, I’m excited to see what happens next. I believe that by narrowing my focus this way, I’ll be able to make a lot more progress and do much more of what I love.

I also believe that I’m doing much more to help other busy moms by putting my money where my mouth is – and prioritizing what matters most: my mental health and my family. Merely making this decision has relieved me of a significant amount of stress.

I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me to see where this new path leads.

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