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Who Is Bare Feet, Free Spirit?

I’m Wendy! I’m a homeschooling mom to two teenage boys. I’m in the best relationship of my life with my soulmate, the man of my dreams who also has a preschool-aged daughter. After years spent with men who treated me badly, dealing with the wounds of being bullied in high school, and trying to find confidence and worth, I finally figured out what I want to do with my life and started going after it with everything I have.

What’s the Blog About?

Bare Feet, Free Spirit is a blog about life. I’ve been married and divorced. I’ve been a parent with a partner, a single parent, and a parent with a partner who isn’t my children’s other parent. I’ve been in very unhealthy, toxic, and in some cases even abusive relationships. Those relationships destroyed what little confidence I had, leaving me to feel as if I could do nothing right, had no value to anyone, and was wasting my time to even attempt to do anything productive with my life.

It took me a long time to get beyond all that. It took a lot of work, and there are still days when those thoughts try to come creeping back in. But I got past it, and so can you.

We’ll talk about dating, marriage, and divorce. We’ll talk about being a truly single parent (as in, your ex has split and you’re truly on your own), being a single parent who co-parents with the ex or with a new partner, and being a mindful parent. We’ll talk about being who you are, whoever that may be, and not worrying about what other people think of you.

And that’s just the beginning.

Whether you’re:

  • Trying to fix your current relationship
  • Trying to figure out why you keep making the same mistakes in your relationships
  • Trying to decide if you even want to be in a relationship at all
  • About to get married and feeling hesitant
  • Dealing with divorce
  • Struggling to parent
  • Wanting to learn how to co-parent with your ex
  • Needing to figure out how to blend a new family

Or anything else, you’ll find something on Bare Feet, Free Spirit that can give you inspiration, guidance, and support.

What You Won’t Find Here

I’m not a therapist or counselor. While I may write about some mental health conditions that I or others close to me have dealt with, I am not trained or legally able to help you with your mental health. While I may discuss supplements or things along those lines that I’ve used, I can’t tell you how to treat yourself for any health conditions, mental or physical.

You also won’t find specific advice. I will never say that if you’re unhappy in a relationship, you should just leave, for example. I think everyone’s situation is unique and only the person or people involved can decide what is best for them.

The ONLY exception to that rule: If you are being abused in any way, you should absolutely leave the situation as soon as you safely can. There is no question about that.

What I Hope You Will Find Here

I hope that you’ll find something here that resonates with you and helps you see that whatever your struggles are, you’re not alone. I hope you find something that helps you remember that you’ve survived difficulties before, and you’ll do it again.

I want you to be able to reconnect with who you are and who you want to be. My goal is for you to find some authenticity, some love and compassion for yourself, and the strength that’s within you to get through whatever you need to face.

Most of all, I hope you are encouraged to live your life with joy, excitement, a free spirit, and of course, bare feet.

One more thing…

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