Welcome to Bare Feet, Free Spirit!

What is Bare Feet, Free Spirit?

Bare Feet, Free Spirit is the blog and online home for the meditation services offered by Wendy Miller.

On this site, you’ll find information about relationships, dating, divorce, parenting, and creating the love and life you want – with and without meditation (but mostly with, because meditation is an incredible tool that no one should miss out on!). Notice the use of the word “creating” rather than “finding.” This is because I believe that having the relationships, love, and life you want is a matter of making it happen rather than looking for it or waiting for it to find you.

Bare Feet, Free Spirit will give you insight into how to create the kind of close, connected relationships you want with your current partner, with future partners, or with your children using meditation. It will help you take a deep look at your life to see where you might need or want to make changes that will enable you to be more authentic, more clear on what you desire, and more able to connect with those you care about.

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Take a look around

Take a look around, and see what strikes you.

We’ll talk about meditation and what it can both take away and give to you. We’ll discuss about how to use meditation to heal yourself, heal your relationships, and heal your life. We’ll chat about why you should meditate, even if you don’t think you need to. We’ll learn about the various kinds of meditation, and figure out which ones are best for you.

We’ll talk about dating, marriage, and divorce in general. We’ll have conversations about knowing what you want in a relationship and how to get it, what to do when you’re not happy, and how to make sure a thriving relationship continues to thrive.

We’ll discuss being a truly single parent (as in, your ex has split and you’re truly on your own), being a single parent who co-parents with the ex or with a new partner, and being a mindful parent. We’ll chat about being who you are, whoever that may be, and not worrying about what other people think of you.

And that’s just the beginning.

Whether you’re:

  • Curious about meditation
  • Wanting to try meditation for fun
  • Hoping meditation can help you change a major life area
  • Trying to fix your current relationship
  • Trying to figure out why you keep making the same mistakes in your relationships
  • Trying to decide if you even want to be in a relationship at all
  • About to get married and feeling hesitant
  • Dealing with divorce
  • Struggling to parent
  • Wanting to learn how to co-parent with your ex
  • Needing to figure out how to blend a new family

Or anything else, you’ll find something on Bare Feet, Free Spirit that can give you inspiration, guidance, and support.

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